DRYGIENE™ is a super-absorbent of urine and excess water helping keeping your Small Pets, Horses and Livestock dry.
DRYGIENE™ application to newly washed and disinfected floors can reduce the restocking down-time.
Application of DRYGIENE™ after washing, disinfecting and drying can further reduce bacteria levels 2-6 times more than washing, disinfecting and drying alone.
Bath newborn in DRYGIENE™ to speed drying time, reduce time to first colostrum intake and quickly dry the navel to help prevent pathogen entry.
Liberally apply DRYGIENE™ onto newborn which then warm and nurse quicker.
DRYGIENE™ helps reduce incidence of navel infections, scours, swollen hocks, strep infections and umbilical hernias.
Apply DRYGIENE™ in calf hutches to maintain a dry, hygienic environment.
DRYGIENE™ helps reduce environmental pathogens, which can result in reducing incidence of mastitis.
DRYGIENE™ suppresses ammonia.

DRYGIENE™ is an all-natural, super-absorbent, anti-bacterial desiccant clay powder.

Use DRYGIENE™ as part of your Small Pet, Horse, Pig, Dairy and Poultry management program to maintain a much drier environment. 

Manufactured with 100% USA-sourced ingredients. Contains plant and mineral products.

DRYGIENE™ contains NO animal by-products.

All ingredients are listed in USA Food and Drug Administration Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) List.

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Dries newborns which then warm and nurse quicker.

DRYGIENE™ dries new-born small pets, piglets, lambs, calves and foals quicker when applied liberally at birth and onto heating mats.

Reduces Strep, Staph and E.Coli bacteria thereby reducing antibiotic use. 

Applying DRYGIENE™ onto floors prior to stocking and weekly after placement has been found to reducing scours, swollen hocks, strep infections, navel infections, and umbilical hernias in pigs; as well as reducing mastitis, somatic cell counts and digital dermatitis in dairy cattle.

Super-absorbent helps control humidity and reduce ventilation costs.

Applying DRYGIENE™ evenly over the floor with a blower, sifter, cup, or teaspoon after washing and disinfecting – thereby reducing down-time between washing and re-stocking. Thereafter, apply DRYGIENE™ weekly to reduce dampness in living area.

Absorbs urine and suppresses ammonia making for a healthier, happier environment.

By applying DRYGIENE™, weekly, on floors or in bedding will reduce the ammonia level – this results in more comfortable animals and caretakers as well as reducing ventilation and associated energy costs in closed environments.


Apply DRYGIENE™ onto wet or damp areas at a rate of 67 to 135 grams (half to one cup) per square meter, or at a rate thereof, weekly or as needed with a blower, or sifter, or sprinkle from a cup. Amount and frequency can be altered as needed without risk.

Apply liberally onto newborn including the umbilical cord, also apply onto heating mats.

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