DRYGIENE is an effective


DRYGIENE™ is an all-natural, super-absorbent, anti-bacterial desiccant clay powder to control humidity, suppress ammonia and reduce bacteria. Use DRYGIENE™ as part of your small pet, horse, or livestock management program to maintain a much drier environment.
Made in the USA from 100% US-sourced ingredients – with no animal by-products.

Available in 1 Kg Pouch, 10 Kg Bucket, 22Kg Bag


DRYGIENE™ is a super-absorbent – apply DRYGIENE™ after washing and disinfecting – thereby reducing down-time between washing and re-stocking.
Apply DRYGIENE™ weekly to reduces dampness in living area.
DRYGIENE™ is an effective ammonia-reducer – apply DRYGIENE™ on floors or in bedding to reduce the ammonia level in facility – this results in more comfortable animals and caretakers as well as reducing ventilation and associated energy costs in closed environments.
DRYGIENE™ dries new-born small pets, piglets, lambs and calves quicker so they nurse quicker and navels dry faster – therefore reducing up-start time in drinking colostrum.
DRYGIENE™ is an effective bacteria-reducer – thereby reducing scours, swollen hocks, strep infections, navel infections, and umbilical hernias, as well as reducing mastitis, somatic cell counts and digital dermatitis in a dairy.
Adding DRYGIENE™ to your farm pet and livestock hygiene programs may reduce instances of illness and subsequently improve performance.

DRYGIENE™ gives your small pet, horse and livestock a dry living area 

They deserve a life with a dry bed and dry living area. Animals urine builds up very quickly and causes a buildup of urea in the living area – it is acidic and can burn the skin particularly of paws and feet pads – bacteria then gain entry and is a common cause of itching and foot infections. DRYGIENE™ is an all-natural super-absorbent of urine – keeping animals clean and dry in their own space. DRYGIENE™ makes our animals healthier and happier through better hygiene.

DRYGIENE™ gives your small pet, horse and livestock an reduced ammonia living area 

Ammonia gas, released by urine, not only is it unpleasant for your pet or livestock – excessive ammonia inhalation can cause tracheal burns, nasopharyngeal cancer, alveolar edema, bronchiolar edema and airway damage – leading to respiratory distress or malfunction.  DRYGIENE™ absorbs urine thereby reducing ammonia gas build up.

DRYGIENE™ makes our animals healthier and happier through better hygiene.

A dry life which is also free of ammonia will provide a healthier, happier life – That’s why we use only USA sourced all-natural ingredients with full traceability with absolutely no animal by-products mitigating any risk of foreign-animal-disease transmission, as we are obsessed over making the best desiccant clay powder product in the world.

It started with an every day need for anybody who keeps animals…

Darin Kuhlow, the Founder and owner of DRYGIENE™ , was needing a product that could keep his pigs dry, clean and healthy. After trying all the available alternatives, Darin set out to create DRYGIENE™. 

Today, Darin’s daughters have their own prize winning stud of pedigree pigs on which they use DRYGIENE™  to keep them healthy and dry and winning prizes!

Our Team brings a lifetime of experience in animal agriculture to our Customers

We have lifetimes of experience in animal agriculture and within our team you will find animal lovers. We are devoted to helping your animals to keep dry. 

At Imbali Ltd we believe in products that help keep animals healthy.

Imbali, translated from South African Zulu means ‘beautiful flower’. We believe that all animals need to be cared for in the best possible way – we chose to market DRYGIENE™ as it met our very strict critera.


Reduce down-time between washing and re-stocking: Apply DRYGIENE™ by sprinkling, or with a sifter or blower in newly washed and disinfected areas.
Reduce dampness and ammonia levels: Mix DRYGIENE™ with bedding and on urinated areas weekly, or as needed, at the following application rates:
* Small pets – including Chinchillas, Degus, Ferrets, Gerbils, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Mice, Rabbits, Rats: 1 to 2 table-spoons per 100 square centimeter area (10 centimeters x 10 centimeters).
* Equine and livestock – including horses, cattle/calves and pigs: 1/2 to 3/4 cup, or 135 to 175 grams, per square meter.
* Poultry – including turkeys, layers and broilers: 1/4 to 1/2 cup, or 75 to 90 grams, per square meter.
Dry new-born: Apply DRYGIENE™ directly to each new-born small pets and livestock at birth, bathing in a tub, ensuring the navel cord is completely coated, also apply daily to heating mats daily.
Reduce bacteria levels: By applying DRYGIENE™ weekly to reduce ammonia levels will also effectively reduce bacteria on floors of living areas or in a foot bath for digital dermatitis.











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