5. SWINE CALM® (20lt.)


25 000 Applications with Phero-Sprayer™ can also be applied with a knapsack/backpack sprayer.

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Swine Calm® is a calming formulation which reduces fear, apprehension, anxiety as well as behavioral and physical consequences associated with stress. Anti-social behavior, pathological disorders, mortality, delays in growth and disorders in behavior often occur in stress related conditions. Swine Calm® can be used at any age when re-grouping, transporting, or when pigs show anti-social behavior. Swine Calm® is applied using the Phero-Sprayer, or knapsack sprayer, finely sprayed, over pigs in affected pens at a rate of 0.8 to 1 ml per pig. Spraying can be done daily, or twice daily.

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