What are Pheromones?

By definition, pheromones are substances released by the body that cause a predictable reaction by another individual of the same species. A number of different glands are known to produce pheromones in mammals such as the submaxillary salivary glands, the parathyroid glands and the sebaceous glands. The domestic pig has a well-developed olfactory system. A pig utilizes olfactory signals (pheromones) to modulate its behaviours.

What Synthetic Analog Pheromones?

Pheromones used in Swine Calm® and Servistim® Green are not drugs and not hormones. They are synthetic analogs of naturally occurring molecules. Swine Calm® and Servistim® contain no animal products. Pheromone use has been described as a ‘clean, green and ethical’ strategy for improving animal production.

Are pheromones effective in pig production?

The benefits of pheromones has been researched considerably both as a signalling pheromone where it has been shown to reduce aggressive and submissive behavior as well as a reproductive pheromone where it has had a significant increase in conception rate and piglets born alive. The effectiveness of our pheromones formulations has been demonstrated on farm where they have helped farmers have healthier (happier), more productive pigs. 

What makes our pheromones different?

The pheromone formulations are formulated by Cauldron Chemicals – Atlantic Phero. Cauldron Chemicals – Atlantic Phero has been formulating and exporting pig and human pheromones for over 30 years. 

Global Distribution.

Imbali Ltd., United Kingdom, distributes the pheromone formulations globally. We offer formulations which are unique in their chemistry and in their delivery systems.  Our pheromone range offer cost effective management tools to improve pig health and productivity.