Phero-Calm, day and night, Pheromone Calming Pillow Spray

The effect of Phero-Calm reduces the level of stress, fear, anxiety, internal tremors and irritation; return to inner peace, sense of security; greater composure and freedom in difficult situations; body language expressing confidence, peace and inner order; as well as improved self-confidence.

The following pheromones are combined with 

to create a calming atmosphere:


This pheromone has been reported to significantly affect mood. It is known to also improve mental clarity and visual capacity.


This pheromone causes the aura of youth. This "communications pheromone” helps the user feel bonding and empathy feelings. It encourages a bonding effect between people, regardless of gender, and seems to evoke deep friendliness and comfort.


This powerful human pheromone packs quite a punch in terms of creating an uplifted, energetic mood.


AndrosteRONE has been reported to have mood elevating effects. This pheromone enhances or boosts the message of other pheromones we have in our mix, so is an important component.

The effect of human pheromones emanates to about 3 meters and lasting for as long as 5 hours from the time of application.

Spray onto pillows or cloth. Do not spray furniture.