DRYGIENE™ is an all-natural, super-absorbent, anti-bacterial desiccant powder to control humidity, suppress ammonia and reduce bacteria. Use DRYGIENE™ as part of your facility-management program to maintain a much drier environment. 


DRYGIENE™ is an effective ammonia-reducer. Apply DRYGIENE™ on floors or in bedding to reduce the ammonia level in facilities. This results in more comfortable animals and caretakers. 

DRYGIENE™ is an effective bacteria-reducer. Application of DRYGIENE™ after washing, disinfecting and drying can further reduce bacteria levels 2-6 times more than washing, disinfecting and drying alone. 

Adding DRYGIENE™ to your farm bio-security and hygiene programs may reduce instances of illness and
subsequently improve performance. 


 Apply with a blower, sifter, cup or spoon in newly washed and disinfected areas. 

  • Apply to heat mats and directly onto newborn in birthing facilities. 

  • Mix with bedding for small pets, turkeys, horses, pigs, cattle and other animals. 

  • Use as a dry boot-dip behind a wet disinfectant boot-dip in bio-security protocols. 

  • Apply with a blower inside newly washed and disinfected livestock trailers. 

  • Apply weekly with a blower or sifter inside birthing, nursery and finishing facilities for bacteria and ammonia reduction. 

  • Apply to spills of any kind to aid cleaning. 

  • Apply to any area you need to keep clean, dry and fresh! 

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